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Chris and Dennis are traveling around the country seeing the sights and occasionally volunteering at select locations. We avoid the interstate as much as we can and tend to stop for squirrels and shiny objects.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Champoeg (Sham Poo Ee)

I may have posted the last entry just a few minutes too soon!

While at the going away breakfast when the rally was breaking up, I was showing another attendee how to navigate the Oregon State Parks website, specifically the volunteer section. What popped out was a plea from a park ranger to help fill a vacancy that had just occured for the month of July. The name of the park, Champoeg, with a rich history intrigued us and since it was a visitor center hosting position we quickly made thephone call to apply. Hey, anytime you can get a volunteer gig that is educational AND includes air conditioning during the hot 4th of July holiday you've got a winner.

Arriving after a short and very pleasant drive over the pass on highway 26 we were met by our ranger coordinator, Dan, who could be a dead ringer for Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top (yes, I am dating myself). We pulled into our parking spot and just had to stop and admire what will be our front room view for the next month.


Here's the first history lesson and in the coming weeks we'll cover more as we explore the park and the various points of interest. In 1843 it was at Champoeg that a vote was held to determine if there should be a provisional government. The alternative was to stay with the Hudson Bay company and the initiative was highly contested. The push for a provisional government did win if only by a mere 2 votes (52-50). It took a treaty and another 5 years before the Oregon Territory was organized.

Chris and I have a lot of studying to do learning not just the operation of the visitor center but also the area so we can assist visitors. Our first workday isn't for another 4 days so we'll be walking the trails, taking the tours and probably taking lots of photos. Of course we are also in some prime wine country so we'll have to familiarize ourselves with the surrounding area as well.

Oh, and if that isn’t enough, nearby is the town of Donald and the maybe not so famous (yet) hazelnut festival happening July 9th.