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Chris and Dennis are traveling around the country seeing the sights and occasionally volunteering at select locations. We avoid the interstate as much as we can and tend to stop for squirrels and shiny objects.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

I’ve Sprung My Spring!

LizardAh spring. Birds calling, flowers beginning to bloom and the cherry trees blossoming with color. Marmots coming out to fatten up on new growth grass and other greens. Kids chasing after each other, dogs chasing after kids, squirrels, and marmots. And amongst it all? Well for the experienced camp hosts, the unmistakable occasional and somewhat muted exclamations of campers working out the bugs.


Berk_sideIn the words of the famous Willie Wonka “So much time and so little to do.”
“Reverse that.”

Probably the most contradictory thing about full-time RV'ing and in our case, camphosting, is just how much there is to do and just how little time there seems to be in each day. I'm pretty sure it is all some sort of quantum physics thing and I have proven it countless times just this year alone. You see, when you take a seat on a warm spring day time slows to a crawl and everything takes on a wonderfully leisurely pace. It is times like these where you can organize and prioritize the your tasks for the day, plan future projects, and basically get your life in order.

Yea, right.


The very moment you accidently close your eyes for anything longer than a blink it all comes crashing home; time is relative. Upon reopening your eyes you discover hours have gone by and you are suddenly pressed just to get up in time to get dinner. Any thoughts of tackling a to do list or making plans will all have to wait for another day. Curse you Einstein!

sink1Despite this hazardous condition, we have remained at Lincoln Rock State Park and I really have managed to work around the naps to replace a bathroom vanity and sink. Frankly, when you look at that project and recall just how absolutely hopeless I am mechanically, it remains something to brag about even if I say so myself.

sink3Last year, shortly after our departure from Sunset Bay while we were heading south, we noticed the plastic laminate around our sink was beginning to wrinkle and come away from the particle board comprising the vanity top. Unfortunately, where the separation was occurring was not the only place some water was getting under the plastic and it wasn't until our first extended stop in sink4Pahrump that we discovered the faucet had not been sealed either and had allowed water to seep under the mounting.

Enter Mr. Murphy. Just as I was able to take a solid look at the sink and formulate a plan for fixing it, both Chris and I came down with the flu. Our entire stay in Pahrump with the exception of just one day was spent sequestered from everyone and everything. That one day? Restocking groceries and probably the most serendipitous visit to Home Depot. You see, Home Depot does custom sized vanities and sinks in solid surface – something we had promised ourselves after seeing the utter disaster of the laminate topped stuff. The salesperson was a godsend! She knew the subject matter, had some experience with the order process and was very understanding of my complete lack of knowledge. Even though she knew we would be unable to purchase from her store because of our impending departure, she still took the time to answer all of our questions – even my dumb ones!

It was another three months before we returned to the Wenatchee area and had reliable access to a Home Depot for our order, then another month to receive our new vanity top and sink. With that sort of extra time, even a klutz such as myself can actually plan and execute a successful installation as the photo shows.


I wish I could relate that our experience ordering the custom sink from Home Depot in Wenatchee was as pleasurable as our shopping experience in Pahrump but it wasn't. Plain and simple. Somehow, perhaps because of the salesperson in Wenatchee was not familiar with the order process, our order wasn't filled for two weeks. Then, due to a recent delivery contract change, it took an additional two weeks to arrive. Kudos to Home Deport though for recognizing and acknowledging the problems on the order and giving us a $50 discount for inconvenience. Yep, will be shopping there again but probably not in the Wenatchee store.

In three short weeks we'll be pakcing up and heading off to Goose Lake State Park near New Pine Creek, Oregon. Until then, I'll leave you with the camper funny of the month.

It begins with our normal rounds through the park when, in passing one of the pull thru sites something caught my eye just every so slightly out of place. A 5th wheel toy hauler trailer – the kind with a master bedroom up front and probably bunk rooms in the rear. What was interesting was the sewer hose running neatly between the two gray tank dumps. Thats all, just the hose connected to the front pipe, running along the ground to the back pipe. Note, no Y-gate valve and no connection to the dump. Yep, both dump valves were sticking out, indicating they were pulled open. Wish I had taken a picture. Wonder with the difference in heights, will the rear tank overflow from the added fluid from the front tank?

I missed the final outcome. They were already gone before our rounds leaving only a wet spot on the pavement. Granted, it was a HUGE wet spot.

Take care and safe travels. Type at you soon.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Chasing the 70’s

IMG_20180106_131500465_HDRWe last left you in Yuma nearly three months ago! Here we are, winter over and we're on our way back north. That isn't to say we didn't run into some winter though!

One of our goals this season was to check out a park we have never been to yet have signed up for hosting. Goose Lake state park is located in the south east of Oregon along the border with California (the road into the park from the highway is the borderline). I mention this because in order to pay a visit to the park we needed to divert from our normal northbound route a bit which in turn, took us right into the teeth of a winter storm. Taking 395 out of Fernley Nevada we made the run into the leading edges of the forecasted cold front towards the small town of Alturas, California. Rain, slush and some not so friendly side winds beat us up pretty bad so instead of going to Goose Lake and then onward to Klamath Falls Oregon, we stopped at Sully's RV Park in Alturas for a much needed break. I'm really glad we did as that night the front went through with a vengeance – more rain, sleet, and wind gusts over 45mph slammed into our rig causing a sleepless catnap sort of rest that really isn't a rest.

IMG_20180322_104642506Come morning we had, according to the map, an easy 4 hour drive up to our destination, Sutherlin Oregon and the Escapee park for a weekend of downtime with visits to our favorite local restaurant, Fusion. Blatant plug: if you are EVER within even 25 miles of this place you simply have to check them out. This very small cafe located on the main street of Sutherlin is a definite keeper. What's the phrase? Oh yes, nirvana!

Okay, back to the trip. Uneventful all the way to Klamath Falls. Changing over to highway 140 we had bare and wet roads and to my shame, I grew complacent and mentioned how nice the roads were. Oops. Within a span of just 5 miles we went from high overcast skies, and as I mentioned a really nice road to a snow covered mess, lowering clouds, and the promise of a lot more snow to come. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, no place to safely pull over. Wouldn't have mattered anyway, we weren't carrying chains.

We learned a few things on this trip. Number 1: NEVER, nope, not EVER travel into a snow storm again. Not even if we have chains (we won't, too much temptation to use them). There is always plenty of time to take our time. Number 2: There is really no good reason to press on in high side winds – period. Why take a beating if you don't have to. Lastly: we have a motorhome. That means we can pull over, heat up some water, make lunch, watch a movie, take a shower, do laundry – virtually ANYTHING other than risk our safety or make a trip less enjoyable. (This last one will require numerous applications of a 2X4 to the side of my head to ensure I learn it.)

chiricaua ntl monument_pano

IMG_20180106_112154072Our nearly four months this winter season consisted of visiting museums, arts and crafts shows, small quirky towns, and trying to enjoy what was a cooler than previous winter's weather. I believe, unlike last year, we experienced at least 4 nights where it froze or frosted up pretty good. IMG_20180102_143140482_HDRDidn't matter too much as each day was topping out at 70 degrees or more with tons of sunshine to sit and enjoy.

The title of this blog is chasing the 70's. We really didn't have to do much chasing, just kicked back testing lawn chairs and let the 70's catch up to us.

IMG_20180107_120621101We're currently two days out from our first hosting gig of 2018 – Lincoln Rock State Park. The rest of 2018 has also firmed up so here's the CnD Travels hosting schedule for the summer season:

April/May: Lincoln Rock State Park, East Wenatchee, WA
June: Goose Lake State Park, New Pine Creek, OR
July: Collier Memorial State Park, Chiloquin, OR
August: travel and goof off month. You could run into us in UT, SD, MT, ID, WA, and OR. Perhaps even CO.
September: Wallowa Lake State Park, Joseph, OR
Oct/Nov: Sunset Bay State Park, Coos Bay, OR

iron_donkeyIMG_20180107_155010862_HDRUntil next time – and I can assure you the time gap between blogs will be MUCH shorter. Shoot, new campers seem to guarantee it.

Friday, December 22, 2017


IMG_20171129_143701595_TOPAfter reading the last blog my sister, who with her husband just started this adventure called full timing, recommended another way to deal with campers.; one she had read about in one of those RV travel magazines.


Whenever dealing with someone who is simply not getting it” she said “you can impart a little bit of wisdom AND get away with a bit of minor assault by using a vigorous slap quickly followed by the announcement of “Mosquito!” in a somewhat loud voice.”

I've thought about this during our three week trip southward; reflecting on how useful this technique could be not just in camp hosting but pretty much in all aspects of life. There are so many nuances you can utilize; in fact you are pretty much only limited by your own imagination.

handsHere are a few examples.

The polite planned slap: This is where you are facing the camper listening to what to them is I'm sure a very serious situation but all you hear is “Blah Blah Blah”. Calmly announce “Hold still” then quickly but gently slap the person. You MUST follow this by the obligatory “Mosquito!” else you risk physical confrontation.

RedRockDonkey1The surprise slap: Used in a number of ways and circumstances usually involving the observation of a potentially really stupid activity. A good example is the subject reaching for the black tank valve and not having a drain hose connected. This one is time sensitive so quickly apply the slap and shout in a somewhat louder voice “Mosquito!”.

RedRockPeacock2The gracious slap: Usually used when you are a third party in a conversation and notice the intelligence literally draining out of the involved parties. As the case warrants you can combine the polite planned slap with the surprise slap by announcing “Excuse me” at the exact moment you apply the slap. Then of course, follow the action with the obligatory “Mosquito!”.

RedRockTurtleAs I mentioned, it took us three weeks to get down to the sun belt. Two weeks were used parked in Pahrump Nevada while suffering through then recovering from some nasty colds. Between the long desert drives and the two weeks sequestered, I have given this method some deep thought. I vaguely recalled my mother using something very similar though rarely codified in such a distinct manner. If memory serves (I was usually a little dizzy at the time), she said “I'm applying some common sense.”

My father did the same thing but it usually involved a boot to the rear. He explained the different location as simply going to where my head must be residing.


I can't shake the glimpses in my mind's eye of what the world would be like if we all practiced the mosquito defense. Of course now days we would have to come up with a way to do it online. Hmmm, imagine a computers or phones capable of reaching out and applying a slap – social media would blow up!

IMG_20171209_122745117Enough for now - today its hello from Yuma Arizona.

Our intention is to meander the southwest and perhaps wander as far east as Rockport Texas this winter season.

Chris is teaching herself how to knit and I'm puttering around fixing things, breaking things or simply just rearranging things.

Who knows, I might just break down and change the Jeep's oil myself.