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Monday, June 17, 2019

Goose Lake State Recreation Area

Just one year ago we were enjoying this wonderful little park (more like slice of heaven), totally oblivious that we would suffer the biggest scare we could imagine - a head on collision. Since then we've counted our blessings and given thanks every single day for being able to walk away from that accident with only minor injuries. Those injuries are now healed, the car has been replaced and but for a few twinges and some small scars we would not know it happened.

This blog entry could have been a same ole thing type entry except for some telling differences. We're in a different host site, just a short distance from the one last year and with it came a bigger parking area, more shade and a bigger "yard" to relax in. Goose Lake, like a lot of the interior this year has experienced a very wet and green spring.

Courtesy ODFW

The lake, which for several years had become a dust bowl has water. While not full to the brim, it has quite a bit of water in it - so much so the fish and game folks are looking at a return of the Redband trout and their spawning up the little creek that borders the park. Funny thing is, the fish are waiting for the water level in the creek to fall a bit more and the flow to slow some before they'll go up stream.

Last year I posted about the small town atmosphere here and thought I would share some more. Back in March when we were headed back north for Lincoln Rock the only route with dry or at least only damp roads was the 395 so we decided to take the route knowing we would be going past Goose Lake and Lakeview on the way. Leaving Reno we were struck by some pretty severe high winds which were followed by rain, sleet and generally really lousy weather. By the time we made it to Lakeview our tempers were short, our bodies beat up and our knuckles seemingly permanently white from hanging on. We mutually agreed we were done traveling for the day so made some phone calls around to see where we could stay in what is usually the off season that early in the year. We got through to the fairgrounds and the girl who answered actually remembered us from the year before when she had met us in the park. Site for the night - SCORE!

Mural on the backside of the bowling alley.

Asking about a place to eat (most places were closed), the girl from the fairgrounds recommended oddly enough the bowling alley promising we wouldn't be disappointed. The bowling alley is separate from the little six table cafe avoiding the hustle and bustle of league night and set off in a corner. Our waitress? A person we had met at Safeway last year and chatted up in the produce section. So, despite the appearance of being an after thought and expecting a meal liken to a vending machine, we sat down prepared to leave hungry and contrary to the promise, disappointed. Oh how wrong we were. First a fresh, homemade broccoli and cheddar soup; just the ticket for some cold and weary travelers. Chris went for the club sandwich which featured not a single deli slice in it. The turkey and the ham were hand carved and the portion generous enough to require a carryout box. I had what they simply called the brisket sandwich. What was not mentioned was this cross between a Philly Cheese Steak and a French Dip that was loaded. Yep, dinner as promised and so much more!

I mention these two encounters because we were only at Goose Lake for two months last year and yet despite us usually keeping to ourselves folks had remembered us and asked after us as if they had known us for years. Can you tell? I love small towns.

If it wasn't for the excitement of going to some place we've not been and the impending swarms of mosquitoes that return to Goose Lake with the summer heat, we would really dislike leaving this idyllic setting at the end of the month. Oh well, Deschutes River State Recreation Area awaits. Oh. Did I mention? It's near another small town.

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  1. Nothing tops small town charms. Nice to have wheels under your house to get to visit many of them. :c)