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Chris and Dennis are traveling around the country seeing the sights and occasionally volunteering at select locations. We avoid the interstate as much as we can and tend to stop for squirrels and shiny objects.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Lakehills Texas

A week has gone by since the debacle of Goose Island. Chris and I have settled into our digs at Medina Lake rather well and frankly, have enjoyed the non-hosting aspect of campground life.
 According to our address we're in Lakehills but after a week of exploring we have yet to find that town. We have managed to locate Pipe Creek but I should note it was pure luck we spotted one building that said Pipe Creek Post Office. Things are just a bit spread out.

Medina Lake is a recovering lake; still well below full but getting there after dam repairs and a drought had rendered lake all but bone dry. One of the locals I talked to recalls seeing weeds growing in the lake bed just last year. It is probably because of this we have seen very little of waterfowl and only the occasional boater. Regardless, the lake is back to supporting the surrounding wildlife and this off-season campground seems to be the place for them to congregate.

We pass this meadow on our daily walks and I had thought I had been admiring the care the groundskeeper had taken to even mow out into the meadow. It wasn't until we changed up and walked in the evening that we spotted the real groundskeepers.

As I mentioned, it is still the off season here so the campground is pretty much empty. There are some, like us, who are what is known as "winter Texans" who are braving the low temperatures of 40 degrees or so and having to put on sunscreen to avoid sunburn. Shoot, I'm inside today because there was actually frost on the car this morning! Makes for cold toes in the flip flops as I can surely attest.

Seriously, the campground has a huge activity center and there is usually something to do on the weekends such as weenie roasts, ice cream socials, games for the kids along with the normal mini putt golf, swimming and hot tubbing; just to name a few.

This weekend will of course be the Super Bowl and next weekend we've reserved our places for the Valentine's dinner and dance.
Even though the park is in the off-season, there are still those who have come here to present learning experiences. These spontaneous educational moments are priceless! For instance, yesterday our guest instructor demonstrated why it is best to not only check if your camping space is wide enough but also if it is high enough - especially so as to not scrape off your brand new satellite dish that you bought just for the big game. The poor guy must have spent a half hour making sure his travel trailer would fit and the slides would go out. It wasn't until he backed in fully that he discovered the new dish on the front was a good bit higher than the other stuff on his roof. No worries though, the RV Repair guy came out on a Saturday (I think that is triple time?) and had him all fixed up for the game today. I was disappointed there were no new additions to the vocabulary but I  did  hear a sound similar to a sob coming from the site a couple of times.

Safe travels to those who are, a warm week to those who aren't.