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Chris and Dennis are traveling around the country seeing the sights and occasionally volunteering at select locations. We avoid the interstate as much as we can and tend to stop for squirrels and shiny objects.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Deming, Marfa, Del Rio and points between

When I first began research into full timing I had a little notepad beside me and when a place struck an interesting vibe with Chris or I we would write it down. We call it our RV'ing bucket list and we've actually managed to nail two the first year we are on the road.

I know, doesn't seem to be that much but when you consider that we both tend to follow shiny things, concentrating on a specific destination with no other purpose than to shorten our bucket list, it can really be quite difficult.

This trip's first bucket list entry is the Adobe Deli in Deming, NM.
Actually located about 10 miles outside Deming via 2 country roads in a 50+ year old grade school and looking like something you would expect in an Australian outback. Known for a good selection of dishes and all of them very good, Adobe Deli is usually the first recommendation received when you ask a local on where to eat. We went there and yes, the food was good. Not stellar mind you but definitely on the up side of good. (Chris: NY Strip, Dennis: Porterhouse) What was stellar however was the ambiance.

We snagged only a few shots of the place and unfortunately it was too dark inside to really show the countless stuffed animals on every wall, ceiling and even in displays on the floor. The critters surround you so if you feel like you're being watched – there's the reason.

Thanks to Chappy Trails (who have since left the road), and their blog for finding this gem.

We would like to contribute to someone else's bucket list by highly recommending Irma's, a very small Mexican cafe offering the usual fare but also some regional dishes that knock your socks off. Irma's is located downtown, just off the main drag and can be easily overlooked with the understated exterior. On sitting we were offered the traditional tortilla chips and salsa but instead of the usual red salsa, we had a chipotle verde salsa with a good amount of heat and a rich smokey flavor.

The main entree was a chicken and beef dish similar to the street vended tacos we saw back in Wenatchee. Similar to but no where as utterly delicious as what we had. Meat that was tender and juicy enough to melt in your mouth, succulent roasted jalapenos and green onions topped with some really fresh avacados, Oh, and fresh – I mean made that evening fresh, soft corn tortillas.

Yea, I really liked this place.

Leaving Deming heading east we sailed through Las Cruces, got tangled in the spaghetti that is El Paso and finally made it off the interstate to Texas highway 90 which is a very nice two lane road, smooth for the most part and adequate picnic areas to stop and smell the creosote bushes.

Our first destination was Marfa and the mystery lights.

Thanks to Nikki and Jason Wynn of “Gone with theWynns” we had our second bucket list item. Located out of town to the east is a Viewing Center for the Marfa Mystery Lights. It is also the only real rest area along that stretch of road (read that overnight camping y'all). While we did see some faint lights once it became dark, try as we might we could not get a photo. You'll just have to settle for the daylight shots. Worth it? If it is along your way, definitely. Not so much for a specific destination.

Our bucket list recommendation? In Alpine which is about 20 or so miles to the east of Marfa is Penny's Cafe. Styled as a 50's/60's diner with checkerboard floor tiles and the shiny stainless steel outer shell, Penny's offers simply good diner food at a very good price. The staff were outstanding and Chris and I were constantly expecting Flo to walk around the counter at any moment.

We've come to our decompression stop in Del Rio near the Amistad Recreational Area.

This wasn't a planned stop other than it met our 4 hour driving limit. It was pure unadulterated luck there was space available at the Laughlin Marina FamCamp. Beautiful, quiet, peaceful with friendly neighbors with a bit of something in common. A nice place to sit back and enjoy the sunset.