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Chris and Dennis are traveling around the country seeing the sights and occasionally volunteering at select locations. We avoid the interstate as much as we can and tend to stop for squirrels and shiny objects.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye Cape Blanco

2015 is in the can and so too is our stay at Cape Blanco state park. We'll head south from here, not sure what route but we do want to be in the Quartsite Arizona area around the 2nd week of January.

Why Quartsite? Because a wise man told us we had to visit the big tent at least once now that we're full timers. An added bonus would be to get our Blue Ox tow bar serviced while we're down there. That's my story, I won't mention Quartsite lies pretty much in and on the way to Yuma which is where we hope to meet up with family.

I know I haven't written too much about Cape Blanco but there are good reasons, one of which is very few pictures. As I mentioned the weather has been extraordinarily damp this year so to protect our camera from the salt air, rain and all the other silly things a klutz like me can accidentally dump our new camera in we didn't take it on our sojourns. No camera on our walks means no pictures, no pictures means no ideas or things to write about. If it wasn't for the cell phone there would not have been any pictures at all.

So good reader, I present our final week of pictures, doings and things that went bump in night, few that they are:

High winds, hail and heavy rain brought down trees and sadly enough at our previous campground,  one of the camp host couples, Mike and Carol Welsh, had their beautiful Safari motorhome and Equinox toad struck by a split tree. Apparently Sunset Bay had been hit pretty hard - word has it they closed the park after evacuating everyone due to flooding and other weather related problems.

At Cape Blanco we didn't have that sort of damage but the work crews were kept busy cleaning up after the storms. That orange in the upper far right is Chris; we were the flaggers for the job.

Even our local porcupine did his best to help out.

Surprisingly even with weather less than amiable the campground still had a smattering of campers and cabin guests throughout the week. We knew if we saw a bundled up indistinct form shaped sort of like a human being, wandering seemingly aimlessly in the rain and fog, it was probably one of our campers and not Sasquatch. Proved more true when occasionally we could make out a muffled “hello” as they walked past. (Think zombie apocalypse bundled up for winter)

Just when it seemed we would never be dry again...
The Hughes House, a local historical landmark.

Hello sunshine!

The road down to the beach. The first picture in this blog entry shows where the road ends,

The horse camp entrance.
And some more horse camp area.

One of the areas we rehabbed, transplanting ground cover
that will fill in over the spring/summer.

Our position here was a new thing for the park and we've hopefully left a legacy of the usefulness of volunteers in positions other than as camp or cabin hosts. Our jobs varied from day to day – usually determined by weather or weather related events and each day we returned home with a feeling of accomplishing something good. Greg, our very own park ranger was a wealth of information about the area both historically and current events and he was a pleasure to work with and for – so long as I didn't try to keep up with him.

So, its off to the south we go. We heard though the forums of a possible opening down in Texas so who knows, perhaps a February gulf coast gig after a January in Arizona.

Hmmm, looking at the map we will have to go through the Napa valley – perhaps a stop or two will be in order.