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Chris and Dennis are traveling around the country seeing the sights and occasionally volunteering at select locations. We avoid the interstate as much as we can and tend to stop for squirrels and shiny objects.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Weather thoughts

Week two completed and oddly enough we're still having fun. You would think with the almost continuous rain and wind we would be a bit tired of it but the exact opposite is true. The rain comes in countless different styles and volumes and this variety is constantly keeping us on our toes with decisions such as wind breaker or not, slicker or lighter, boots or tennis shoes. Last Saturday it was a combination of all with some sunshine thrown in – sort of like one of those one person shows with all the costume changes.

Personally, I'm partial to the raining so hard it either gives you a concussion or bounces up from the ground and drenches you from the feet up. Chris likes the light misting type capable of soaking you to the point of drowning without you being aware of it. (She's partial to it because I'm the one who usually is getting soaked.)

For a change, the last storm brought hail or it was just frozen rain, not quite sure other than it stuck around a fraction longer than normal rainfall and the sound on the motorhome roof was distinctly louder (imagine head in a metal bucket with gravel pouring over).

Folks in Oregon do have an interesting sense of humor,(directly attributable to the weather I'm sure) at least the ones in the communities near us. We took a trip to Bandon the other day and came across street signs you just know were created tongue-in-cheek; names such as Lois Lane, Rocky Road and its cross street Winding. I just had to take a photo of this one:

Almost schmucked a deer yesterday. Little spike buck that decided walking in the roadway when the sun was out, the pavement wet and the glare horrendous was a good idea. Agent 86 said it best: “I missed it by that much!” Sorry, no pictures as I was a bit busy trying to stay on the road and keep my under pants clean.

Next week will be a trial by fire for us as we entertain my sister and brother-in-law for Thanksgiving. It will be the first time we've crammed 4 people into the motorhome for any length of time and also the first time we've attempted to cook a full, multi-course dinner with our limited facilities. We're looking forward to the cooking challenge and also getting back together for a visit.

Good news arrived this past week as we have been offered and have accepted a position at Cape Blanco for the month of December. This high on a bluff lighthouse and beautiful campground has been one of our goals and we were very fortunate to snag it. We'll be about 30 minutes from Gold Beach to the south and Bandon to the north. Here's a quick peek of the area:

No wonder there is a lighthouse overlooking this coastline.