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Chris and Dennis are traveling around the country seeing the sights and occasionally volunteering at select locations. We avoid the interstate as much as we can and tend to stop for squirrels and shiny objects.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Farewell Flaming Gorge

 This past weekend really drove home the meaning behind “mixed emotions”. Sunday is our last day volunteering at the visitor center and during our 15 stints behind the counter and walking the grounds we have met over one thousand people. Not just counted, but actually met and interacted with. I know it doesn't seem like much and it probably isn't when compared to the more popular centers, parks and attractions however the uniqueness lies in the very nature of the meetings with our visitors.

Fishing the Green river.
Every person, couple or group we encountered was direct and personal. The small numbers allowed us to take extra time to share our own experiences and impressions of the area. We, and the visitors to Red Canyon shared a goal; we were all explorers and this commonality allowed for a much more personal approach.

Turkey Vulture warming up in the morning.

Balancing rock.

Our time here has now come to a close and it is time to say farewell. There is some reluctance in leaving for we have come to really love this little corner of our country but, I would be less than honest to say we are not just a little excited about our next adventure. So this is not a sad farewell, just a goodbye until next time. Oh, and there will be a next time. We have been invited to return next season and I believe we shall.

Over the past four weeks we have been more than fortunate to see a piece of America so few get to see. We've seen and interacted with the wildlife, introduced our country to visitors from all over the world and been an active part of the Flaming Gorge experience. We hope through our blog entries we've managed to share even a little bit of the magic this place encompasses. We leave you with more photos of the area and our visit to the Utah Field House in Vernal.

Perhaps our biggest regrets are those where we were so wrapped up in what was happening we simply forgot the photography. Things like the young sheep playing king of the hill on a small gravel pile in our camping area or the osprey taking a nose dive into the creek after snatching a salmon a bit too large. Of course we can't forget the “professional” drift boater who decided to launch not only his boat but the suburban he towed it with nor can we not mention the deer at the local lodge who would stand on their hind legs in order to rob the bird feeders or how about the 2 bucks having a tussle in the middle of the road. We're really sorry there are no pictures of these and so many other events. I'm afraid even if we had managed to snag a photo I'm pretty sure we would have only captured the butts
of the departing participants – human and animal alike. We both will dedicate ourselves to improve this situation though the outcome is seriously in question.

October is going to be a full month as we strive to meet up with old friends, reacquaint ourselves with the grandkids and tackle our errand list before heading to Sunset Bay state park outside of Charleston Oregon (fresh seafood – yum!!) to be camp hosts. Our having completed all of the training modules for this next gig can in no way, under any circumstances be indicative of our excitement and impatience to start. (Will anyone really believe that?)

Until next time, safe travels.