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Chris and Dennis are traveling around the country seeing the sights and occasionally volunteering at select locations. We avoid the interstate as much as we can and tend to stop for squirrels and shiny objects.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

It's the little things

Rest area pan handlers. 
For the past week we've been staying in a very small RV park about 12 miles south of Salmon Idaho. By small park I do mean small; only 12 pull thru, full hookup, grass sites situated on a green belt of vegetation along side the Salmon river with the only amenity being very clean restrooms with showers styled after a Nordic sauna. Yes, only the one amenity unless you count the peace and quiet and the wildlife.

I may be young, but I OWN this park.
Three years ago we literally stumbled upon this park and since then have been making it a point to stop by at least once each year for a visit and to recharge the soul. I guess it's the feeling of total contentment that settles over you once you are parked. Or it could be the surety that once parked you are going to see wildlife whether you want to or not.

Out our front windshield. Played peek-a-boo for a good 10 minutes.

Osprey standing watch, keeping an eye on...

the kid.

Or it could simply be the feeling of coming home, especially true after meeting Connie Heald who will welcome you and walk you to your site. Whatever it is, the place seems to enfold you into its peaceful serenity.