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Chris and Dennis are traveling around the country seeing the sights and occasionally volunteering at select locations. We avoid the interstate as much as we can and tend to stop for squirrels and shiny objects.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Decisions, Decisions

We haven't posted up on the blog for the past 3 weeks for good reason. Since our arrival back at our home base Chris and I have been readying our house for sale, disposing of unneeded/unwanted property and shuttling around the town. All of this during the severe hot spell Central Washington endured with temperatures rivaling Arizona.

Our arrival in the Wenatchee area kicked off with a major brush fire which took 28 homes and burned a respectable amount of acreage. The crews from over most of the state and some from Oregon came together to prevent what was a large brush fire turning into a huge forest fire. That was just the first few days at the end of June.

The month of July has so far been hot days with brisk winds combining to make for several Red Flag warnings and unfortunately with some lightening, created the 25,000+ acre fire complex in Douglas County. These fires consumed scrub, sagebrush, and wheat – both standing and stubble. Fire crews; once again from all over, came together and have corralled the fire, allowing the local crews to monitor and fight any flare-ups. I seriously can not say enough about the local volunteers who battled the fires to a standstill without loss of life or serious injury.

Natural disasters aside, on July 16th we finally had the Realtor walk-thru, signed the papers and officially put our house on the market. All of our hard work paid off when, after her inspection, the agent decided to raise the asking price. To say we had a jaw dropping moment is an understatement. Hopefully we'll have a quick sale.

Currently we are decompressing and taking the week off at a couple of RV parks in the area that we have enjoyed in the past. Each day we end up going through the storage bays in the motorhome rearranging, shifting and taking stock – anything to allow us to relax a bit and use up some of the nervous energy for on July 21st we'll finally be hitting the road for good.

I mentioned decisions in the title because we are now living exclusively out of the motorhome and, while still a “homeowner”, we are in all respects full time RV'ers. This opens up so many opportunities for the what, where and when. Yes, that seems to be such a nice place to be but try it sometime. Pick a few random dates; these will be dates you absolutely have to be somewhere. Now figure out what to do to fill in the time constructively, travel to your first “date” and otherwise keep yourself engaged in something. So far we've managed to work out we have to be in Preston, Idaho for a family reunion by August 7th. Fear not, neither Chris or I are ones to post countless pictures of our relatives though I will probably end up posting at least one picture of one relative doing something really stupid. Otherwise you are safe from a deluge of pictures of strangers.

Along the way some spots that have caught our interest are the Kettle Falls in Washington. Not sure why but it has. Another is the National Bison Refuge in Montana and the Miracle of America museum. Hey, the pictures were intriguing.

Following our stop in Preston we have just two other dates and places to be this year. September 1st is our first volunteer hosting gig at Flaming Gorge's Red Canyon Visitor Center and then November 1st for our first camp hosting gig at Sunset Bay State Park outside of Coos Bay, Oregon. Anything after is still open but I imagine we'll be heading somewhere south.

What to expect? We certainly don't know. We haven't decided.