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Chris and Dennis are traveling around the country seeing the sights and occasionally volunteering at select locations. We avoid the interstate as much as we can and tend to stop for squirrels and shiny objects.

Friday, June 5, 2015


We're back to being connected! Oh the primitive conditions we have had to live under for the past few days – you know, no snacks in the cupboards, regular home food instead of eating out and, dare I say it, NO CELL SERVICE!! That's right, no cell service which also meant no wifi. Such a hard life we had to endure especially considering we also had to cope with 3 solid days of rain, mist, drizzle and fog. To emphasize the problem,we had to actually plug in a DVD to watch a movie! Imagine our neighbors who had all that to deal with and no slide outs!

Isn't it odd how quickly we've become accustomed to having instant connectivity to bring us instant entertainment of the sort requiring no thought and very little participation. The first day we were a little antsy and found ourselves reaching for the remote or constantly checking the phones for even a glimmer of service. One point we did have some excitement when Chris' phone beeped leading us to believe we had service once again. No such luck, it was a reminder alarm so she could email her brother and wish him a happy birthday. Yea, right, IF we had cell service.

On the second day we resigned ourselves to the lack of service and believe it or not, read our books (no, mine did not have just pictures but thanks for asking). With rain drumming on the roof, some soft music playing in the background our day became one of quiet reflection and calm companionship. If you believe that I would sure like to ride on that good ship lollipop! I believe being trapped inside an 8ft by 30ft box with any other human could be considered grounds for justifiable homicide.

Fortunately, the third day of having no service was also a traveling day where we got to visit the grand city of Aurora Oregon. Okay, just a truck stop with a SpeedCo in Aurora but hey, the place did have wifi so we were able to call off the search parties, confirm our delivery options for this month's lottery check and answer all those queries from the U.N. on world peace. In other words, the world hadn't come to an end, clocks still turned and the bill collectors were still able to find us; just another day. Oh, and we did manage to get the oil changed.

Looking back the Thousand Trails Pacific City RV resort was just what the doctor ordered. We didn't worry about taking our phones with us and really it was more just touring the area and enjoying the sights.
Hay Stack Rock

We are now just outside of Florence Oregon where there is wifi, cell service and yep, even some sunshine. Tomorrow we're off to Coos Bay to check out a potential camp hosting gig for November/December. Its good to be connected!